12 Units Package Sprinkler Crown ™, Sprinkler Head Protection for Lawn & Garden


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Protect sprinkler heads from damage with Henta® Sprinkler Crown. Specially designed disk can be cut to fit to any size pop-up head. Henta® Sprinkler Crown also puts a barrier between the sprinklers head and lawn mowers, cars, or kids. Henta® Sprinkler Crown therefore adds the perfect protection to keep your sprinkler head from bending, chipping, or breaking. Henta® Sprinkler Crown is completely weather resistant to work for years without cracking or corroding. RETURN POLICY: Most of our items are bulky, oversized, and expensive to ship. In most cases, we charge our customers only a portion of what we pay for shipping. Therefore, returns are extremely costly and a 20% restocking fee will be applied to all product returns to cover our costs for the difference in shipping charges. Please note all product returns must be shipped to us within 30 days of receipt of the item(s). We appreciate your business and understanding as this policy will help make our products available to everyone at the lowest prices possible.



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