A.M. Leonard ArborRain Tree Hydration System – 32 Gallon


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Slow, Even Watering Means Maximum Usage by the Tree ArborRain provides a great alternative for deep watering of newly planted trees and shrubs, helps to minimize ‘transplant shock’, and helps established trees better withstand hot, dry conditions. High capacity 32-gallon model releases water over a 5 to 8 hour timeframe allowing water to permeate deep into the soil, hydrating both root ball and surrounding soil for complete coverage.ArborRain is designed with a low profile to blend in better with the natural surroundings and the dark brown color dramatically reduces its visibility when used along with dark hardwood mulches. Fits up to 6-inch diameter trees. Multiple hydrators can be placed around the drip line of large established trees to alleviate stress from drought or new construction. Use ArborRain to protect your new tree investment!



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