Aifro WaterEco Lite Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, Weather Aware, 16 zones


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Aifro WaterEco Lite is a 16-zone smart Wi-Fi irrigation controller to change the way you water. It enables you to monitor and control your yard’s watering schedules from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet or computer. Turn your sprinklers on or off instantly from your control panel, no matter where you are or what device you’re on. It uses real-time local weather data to automatically personalize your watering plan. Start saving up to 30% today and let Aifro WaterEco Lite pay for itself. Product Features • Control your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere remotely with a smart phone, tablet or computer. • 16 zones + 1 master zone, supports up to 52 total zones (expansion boards needed). • Free iOS and Android app. • Cloud management – controls multiple devices anywhere around the world. • Flexible programming supported • Quick and painless installation • AI adjustment – calculated automatically by Aifro WaterEco Lite according to weather conditions. • Various watering methods – water one zone, water all zones, water multiple zones and create a program to water at a scheduled time. • Real-time weather forecast – scientifically designed to improve watering efficiency and reduce water waste. • Automatically checks the zone wire connection. • Protects your yard against unexpected freezing conditions. • Waters only when needed and prevents runoff with cycle and soak. • Restore backups from other Aifro irrigation devices to your current device. • 1-year hardware warranty Warm Tips: Aifro WaterEco Lite is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor use, please buy Aifro WaterEco Waterproof Enclosure separately. Besides, if you want to expand zones, please buy our custom-made expansion board bundled with Aifro WaterEco Waterproof Enclosure optionally.



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