DIG B221B 1 GPH Pressure Compensating PC Drip Emitter (10 Pack), Black


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Package Quantity:1 DIG B22 PC Drip Emitters are designed to produce a consistent flow rate over a pressure range of 10 to 45 PSI, for use in a wide range of plantings in residential landscapes. The main feature of these PC Drip Emitters is the ability to continuously adjust to varying water pressures, ensuring a constant flow rate from each drip emitter, regardless of water pressure fluctuations or varying elevations along the line. This feature allows for a large number of drip emitters to operate on a single drip lateral while maintaining a steady flow rate from each drip emitter. The PC Drip Emitters are available with three flow rates, including models B221B (1-GPH, pack of 10), B222B (2-GPH, pack of 10), and B224B (4-GPH, pack of 10), all with 1/4 in. barbed inlet and small nipple outlet. Used for individual plants or groups of plants, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees, DIG’s PC Drip Emitters offer a convenient way to water both new and existing landscapes, including difficult terrain such as slopes, oddly shaped areas, and sites with high winds.



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