GARDENA 1354-U Master Unit 2000 – Micro Drip System


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Product Description The GARDENA Master Unit 2000 is the starter component of the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System. The Master Unit reduces initial pressure to an operating pressure of approx. 21psi for optimal operation of the connected Drip Heads and Spray Nozzles. The water flow is approx. 528 gallons per hour. Thanks to the large-volume filter, the water is optimally filtered. The Master Unit is equipped ready-to-connect. Thanks to the patented ‘Quick & Easy’ connection technology, installation of the Master Unit is especially easy. From the Manufacturer Master Unit 2000 – Starter component of the Micro Drip System. Filters the water and reduces the initial pressure to an operating level of approx 22psi. Fully equipped, ready for connection with tap connector ( Model 36002) and connectors for the connecting pipe and the supply pipe. With quick and easy connection technology. Easy removal of filter for cleaning.



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