Legris 3109 Nylon & Nickel-Plated Brass Push-to-Connect Fitting, 90 Degree Elbow, Tube OD x UNF Male, Inch

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This Legris 3109 90-degree elbow, or ‘ell,’ is a nylon and nickel-plated brass push-to-connect fitting that connects a tube to a female threaded connection at a 90-degree angle. It has a push-to-connect tube connection on one end and pre-coated male Unified National Fine (UNF) threads on the other end for connecting to female threaded pipes. The UNF threads create a tighter seal than straight threads. This fitting is made of nylon and nickel-plated brass — nylon for strength and flexibility, abrasion resistance, light weight, and resistance to crushing and cracking, and nickel plating on its brass sub-base for ferromagnetic and corrosion resistance, strength at high temperatures, and toughness and ductility at low temperatures. The fitting is suitable for handling pressures up to 290 pounds per square inch (psi) (20 bar), has an operating temperature range of -20 to +80 degrees C (-4 to +176 degrees F), and has a vacuum capability of 755 mm Hg. This fitting meets Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14743 technical specifications. This 90-degree elbow tube fitting is suitable for use in air, water, oil, chemical, and food applications.Tube fittings are components used for connecting, branching, terminating, and changing the direction of tubing in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. They are made of brass, stainless steel, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), and other materials that resist corrosion and wear. Tube fittings have various types of connections, including threaded, welded, barbed, and push-to-connect (also called one-touch). Push-to-connect connections do not require tools or sealants. Tube fittings are used in various applications, including machine tools, airplane and truck controls, and automated production lines, among others.Parker Hannifin manufactures electromechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic motion technologies and systems for liquid handling, filtration, sealing and shielding, climate control, process control, and aerospace applications. The company, founded in 1918, is headquartered in Cleveland, OH.



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