Orbit 58248 Brass Hose Y-Connector with Shut-Off Valves


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Item Package Quantity:1 Product Description This brass hose Y converts one faucet into two, allowing you to use two hoses from the same faucet. Convenient valve controls let you adjust the flow or shut-off each connection. The 3/4′ male-threaded connection has a swivel head for easy installation. Heavy-duty metal construction with leak-free ball valve ensures quality performance. From the Manufacturer A hose Y connector converts one faucet into two. Two hose connections allow for multiple uses from one hose faucet. Use two hoses from one faucet, or operate just one hose by using the shut-off valve. This hose y has a swivel hose connection for easier attachment to the hose faucet. Our leak-free ball valves allow you to adjust the flow, whether you want just a trickle or full flow. The durable brass construction means you’ll be using our product for many years to come.



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