Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit


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Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ drip irrigation repair and expansion kit. Use this organized, handy pail season after season to expand and repair your drip irrigation system. From the Manufacturer: Rain Bird’s Drip Repair and Expansion Kit provides the most commonly needed drip devices and tubing in a handy refillable tray for continuing use, year after year. With this kit you can easily take care of common maintenance projects such as repairing tubing breaks, replacing a clogged emitter, adjusting flow for growing plants, or expanding your coverage to adjacent planting beds. Kit features a removable tray containing 112 universal parts such as spot emitters, tubing connectors and stakes; the snap-tight lid keeps everything organized. Beneath the top tray is a self-dispensing 250’ coil of 1/4′ blank distribution drip tubing which conveniently feeds through a hole in the center of the tray. All components are professional grade including Rain Bird pressure-compensating emitters, professional installation tool, and other enhanced quality features. MAINTENANCE TIPS: At the start of each season and regularly throughout the season; inspect your drip system closely to be sure all plants are being watered evenly. Wilted or dry plants may signal that the irrigation components in that area are not watering correctly. Flush the system to remove any sediment that can clog small openings of your watering devices. Product Description DRIP PAIL Drip irrigation system repair and expansion kit. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”



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