Terracotta Water Spikes for Plants – Set of 4 Watering Stakes – 6 Bonus Plastic Watering Spikes


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Nice ‘N’ Easy The Garden’s Sister ceramic watering stakes will come to you in a set of 4 terracotta spikes, able to fit most 25 oz(750ml) to 33 oz(1000ml) long neck bottles, either big or small. It even comes with 6 bonus plastic stakes that fit most plastic water or soda bottle. Depending on the density of the soil and water bottle, a single water filled bottle should last 7-14 days for the terracotta, and 2-5 days for the plastic spike. Make sure to put the spike as deep as possible in the soil. You may prolong water in the plastic spike if you suppress one of the holes. You will also receive a Teflon tape free of charge in order to secure the grip. A Clever Way Of Watering Ceramic spikes water nozzle garden drip is a rather intelligent and most efficient way of watering your plants while away. Ceramic water spikes sense dryness of the soil and start allowing water to pass. When the soil is moist, water dripping stops. Simple as that. Your plant will never be short of water or overwatered as water replenishment and supply is fully automated and controlled because of the terracotta material. Don’t You Hate It When You Ask Your Kids To Water Your Plants While You Are Away And Return Home Just To Find A Withered Desert? A common phenomenon. All of your pots’ prides, dead, fallen and shrunk. Why have others do – in a not so efficient fashion- what the Garden’s Sister Ceramic water spikes can do for you? Never bother asking anyone to water your plants. They will do so themselves, with a little help from the Garden’s Sister and its miraculous cone-shaped helpers. Lifetime Guarantee – A 100% Risk-Free Purchase Being proud and confident of the high quality of our product, the Garden Sister offers you unlimited, lifetime guarantee and your money back if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Click Add To Cart Now – Before We Run Out Of Stock



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